Hello internet and welcome to my music blog! I guess I will start out by saying I have never attempted a blog before, so the beginning stages here might be pretty rough, whether that information is relevant to you or not. I have no way of knowing who is reading this, unless you subscribe via e-mail (which is a cool thing I learned people can do, so feel free to!!!) so if you feel ~creepy~ or like you’re ~lurking~ then don’t worry about it because there’s no such thing when it comes to the internet and I will never find out anyway so read all ya want, I encourage it!!

I have always loved music (who doesn’t?), but the past few years I have really started to dig deeper into the songs I love. I would start researching the meanings behind these songs and facts about the artist and watch documentaries on the artist/band (which is my favorite recreational pastime lol). I was fascinated!! I found the more I knew about the song and the artist, the more interested I was in the music and the more I wanted to learn. I just couldn’t stop. So then, I decided to start sharing snippets of songs I love on my Snapchat/Instagram stories (if you follow me then you already know this), and I got a lot of positive feedback on that! I thought it was a cool concept, but 15 second videos can only allow me so much freedom. I wanted a space to really just be able to write and write and write about these songs, thus this blog was born. So, whether you want to read every week or just stop by every once in a while, I welcome you all. Come learn new cool things with me!! Maybe you’ll discover an interesting fact about your favorite artist you never knew before, or be introduced to a new song you’ve never heard. Either way, I just want to share my love for music with whoever is willing to listen.

PS: Feel free to contact me if you ever have a question/answer/thought about something, or want to send me a song/artist you think I should check out! I love learning about music and discovering new songs.

PPS: My music taste is similar to that of a middle-aged suburban dad, so expect most songs I analyze in this blog to be from the 60’s-80’s decades, with the exception of some, of course. I am not up to date with the modern timez.


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  1. Good luck with your blog, love the concept! Checkout Tom Waits’ catalog; San-Diego Serenade, (the heart of) Saturday Night, Downtown Train, Jersey Girl…one of the best and most obscure (to most) songwriters of all time.
    Eddie Ketewomoke


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